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Guillotine X

​All-purpose seasoning spicinessNo.1 in Japan

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800,000 Scovillethe impact of

What is ​Guillotine✖

Extracting only the pungent component from chili peppers 

Hottest in JapanEight million Scoville!

It is a one-of-a-kind delicacy that does not interfere with the taste of chili peppers, powder, or pepper sauce.

​A must-have item for spicy fans!

​ Recommended for:

・Those who want to enjoy spicy food at home!

・ Those who are not satisfied with the spiciness of everyday life!

​ ・Those who want to blow away the daily stress with spiciness!

​Customer's voice

Just by adding a little bit of Guillotine X to the seasonings you usually use, the taste of the seasonings will not change and only the spiciness will be added, so I use it very much.

I love super spicy food, so I use it in curry rice and ramen. Since the liquid can be put out with a dropper, it is easy to adjust the spiciness.

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